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mulberry outlet Outside the office , there is a strain unknown trees.

In the spring , the trees thus thoroughly open some very elegant white flowers , the flowers fade, they bear fruit garden trees . Summer and autumn to , fruit color from green to red , Yan Yan 's , like cherry color. But the fruit grow , as bean -sized , round , red, a whirring a whirring hung . Sitting in the office , desk for a long time , looked through the window , which little scarlet tree , truly it is Anna .

Winter , a wind , a night cream. Leaves of the tree is lost and exhausted, thus revealing that the tree branches beckon twigs pitchfork mulberry outlet , still lug Ilex small red fruit . If the fruit is still small beans Wan , there is a clear several ripe tannins and calm , but also catches the eyes of more .

Initially a , come and after a few , most of the time is 10 to only - those long tail magpie who have to fly to a tree. After them some twitter, who began to twist the fruit to eat. Magpies have a look down the neck of a Yang , light on thin branches swaying posture , long tail and one of a wing from time to time . Sometimes , a fruit is twisted under them , but not gripped , they fall to the ground , and occasionally will fall on the windowsill in the office.

In those days , the Magpies were routinely fly in the morning until ten o'clock . As usual, some will whisper whisper , Mimi hearty meal , some Yingying dance , a quarter of an hour later, they descended fly .

Night north . Snow. Only half of the small red berries are covered with crystal white clothes. Gechuang and look, that scene, look just like a " snow after Plum " Fig.

Magpies are flying to another time mulberry outlet . Snow in the cold , they lost even more light . After eating the fruit fired several magpies who have departed . Just a few minutes.

After two or three days , the weather is colder. Magpies are still flying on time , eat some fruit after decidedly fly . Whisper whisper less, Yingying dance no more. More light thin figure, in the cold Li Sese ......

This cold season , snow fief , in addition to more than a small remnant of red berries , but also where magpies are feeding it?

Heart pity. Bought a bag of birdseed from the outside , brown granular, smell , and some faint flavored . Grab a handful , sprinkle on the outside windowsill .

They are also coming up . I quickly away from the window mulberry outlet , avoiding visual birds . I think they will snatch those delicious sprinkled it on the windowsill . After all, those two little red berries , how tolerant of cold and hunger arrived intestinal rumbling wind Li Sese it .

They let me down. Until it flew away , the Magpies have not always fly down to that spilled food windowsill .

Perhaps they did not see . I got a white porcelain dish , sprinkle the birdseed in the tray , placed in the window.

The next day, they were floated to the Magpies . Great north , there is one, quivering in the branches , some untenable look. They eat the red berries twist , it will Dishou side of the neck , looked at the windowsill direction. I am sure that they will see a plate of food for birds . But, once again flew until they once again let me be something missing .

Red berries charm that is so big mulberry outlet , they actually let magpie bird food on the plate indifferent . That is how delicious it?

Opened the sash , red fruit picking一枚left lying on the windowsill . Crossed the water , wing open bite . Red skin, flesh thin , inside the stone actually accounted for nearly two-thirds of the volume , as if I had eaten jujube .

Just the taste , extremely unlike the sweet and sour jujube , is far better than its own pleasant appearance . That taste , in addition to sour , or sour .

The freezing cold snow season , those magpie on a sour rely on these red berries , to appease the rumbling of the empty stomach it? Why are they giving to me otherwise?

That day , some of the blue sky , the sun and some warmth, some clouds on the lower figure . Magpies are predictable . They still eat the fruit twist , sour swallowing it as yet another beautiful feast. On the windowsill , mulberry outlet plates still , bird food still . They will still Magpies looked down , just looked ......

Fruit of the tree was still bright red . Fruit is running out.

On the windowsill, just for bird food exudes a touch of flavored . Trees , light and thin magpie , rose up against the temptation that ray is to have a deep-seated pain of injury , do not eat or for a handout of lofty and distant ?

Magpies are also flew away. Hua Ran moment, they have been flying in the cloud . Everywhere you look chase , mulberry outlet that picture , then tranquil and lofty ......

Cloud realm , that is their freedom to fly in the direction ah.